HPC Pro Clean bottles

Decon Pro Clean

Decon Pro Clean is a non-toxic biodegradable decontamination solution to neutralise chemical and biological hazards and can be used in conjunction with the Hughes range of Atomizer delivery systems.

Decon Pro Clean has been specifically developed to be deployed as an aqueous mist or light foam which enhances the physical stability of rapidly migrating Chemical and Biological warfare (CBW) agents and toxic hazardous material.

Targeted at:

  • Military
  • Emergency Services
  • Trauma and Crime Scene Clean Up
  • Disease Control and Emergency


Decon Pro Clean  formula fights against:

  • Toxic Industrial Material
  • Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW) Agent
  • Bio Pathogen
  • Deadly Diseases and Viruses

Find out more about how Decon Pro Clean can assist with your decontamination requirements.  

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