About us - Hygiene Proclean NZ Ultrasonic Atomize

Hygiene Proclean (NZ) provides a comprehensive and
revolutionary decontamination service using a patented ultrasonic technology

Hygiene Proclean is proudly New Zealand owned and operated, our products have been fully approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA NZ). HPC provides an Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable Chemical Decontamination Process with the only one of its kind in the World, Hughes Emergency Systems ( ISO 9001-2000 ) the United Kingdom developed our technology and chemicals. Hughes is a highly reputable global Company they have been supplying emergency decontamination systems for Hospitals, Emergency Services, Police and Government/Military Agencies Worldwide for 45 years.

HPC has been fully certified and authorised by Hughes to serve the New Zealand & Australian markets under the Hygiene Proclean banner. The chemicals & equipment used are fully patented by Hughes and offer a unique advantage over other decontamination processes in that there is no need to remove hard & soft furnishings, furniture, electrical fittings or appliances in most cases.

The company specialises in working with business and property owners, local authorities and a wide range of public and private sector organisations, providing deep cleaning services using revolutionary patented chemical treatments.

The exclusive Hughes Group chemicals include Hygiene Pro Green™ and SporeClean™, which has been proven as a safe and ecological treatment for a wide range of bacterial and viral contaminations. From eliminating black Mold in damp properties to combating MRSA in clinical environments, Hygiene Pro Clean’s effective solutions always get the job done quickly and efficiently.

About us - Hygiene Pro Clean chemical solutions

  • Non-toxic


  • No added fragrance


  • 100% biodegradable


  • Non-corrosive


Hygiene Proclean's aim is to clean methamphetamine contaminated properties throughout New Zealand. We are eliminating the harmful chemical from properties contaminated and keeping them safe to live in.

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