HPC CliniCoat UA

Clincoat UA

CliniCoat UA is a unique Self Sanitising Technology (SST) which has been formulated to work in conjunction with Hughes Ultrasonic Atomizer Range. CliniCoat UA is a surface treatment which when applied destroys bacteria on impact for a prolonged period of time, often for years. CliniCoat UA is safe, non-toxic, and will not lose effectiveness over time as microbes are unable to build up a resistance against it.

CliniCoat UA is chemically stable and will not leach or volatize over time which poses no exposure hazard and has been approved for use on food contact services.

In effect CliniCoat UA is like applying a layer of needles across a surface but on a microscopic level.

Microbes are drawn onto the treated surface through ionic attraction and the CliniCoat UA penetrates the cellular membrane, destroying the bacteria in the process.

CliniCoat UA is formulated for use with our Hughes Ultrasonic Atomizer range. View the full range of products here.

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