All our products are completely safe

Our products are non-toxic, non-corrosive and have no added fragrances.

Additionally, they are 100% biodegradable, which further emphasises the environmental credentials of the J D Hughes Group.

Hygiene Proclean (NZ) Decon Pro Clean

Decon Pro Clean

Decon Pro Clean is a non-toxic biodegradable decontamination solution to neutralise chemical and biological hazards and can be used in conjunction with the Hughes range of Atomizer delivery systems.

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Hygiene Proclean (NZ) MediClean Product

Mediclean UA

Mediclean UA is a hospital grade broad scale disinfectant cleaner which has been formulated especially for Hughes Emergency Decontamination Systems to be used alongside our range of Ultrasonic Atomisers.

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Hygiene Proclean NZ CliniCoat UA

Clincoat UA

CliniCoat UA is a unique Self Sanitising Technology (SST) which has been formulated to work in conjunction with Hughes Ultrasonic Atomizer Range.

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Infection Control Unit

Infection Control Unit

Infection Control Unit - The 500/T Universal Trailer is a hydraulic self-leveling trailer unit specially adapted to carry out any type of decontamination or disinfection of equipment.

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