HPC Medi Clean

Mediclean UA

Mediclean UA is a hospital grade broad scale disinfectant cleaner which has been formulated especially for Hughes Emergency Decontamination Systems to be used alongside our range of Ultrasonic Atomisers.

Mediclean UA is a highly efficacious quaternary ammonium based disinfectant which can be used to clean hard surfaces, clothing, bedding, fabrics, equipment and medical devices. It is particularly popular with the emergency services for use in PPE damp down and to clean full body PPE suits after use.

It is the disinfectant cleaner of choice for C Difficile and E Coli and is effective against a broad range of other microbial contaminants including Norovirus.

As well as being a powerful broad scale disinfectant, Mediclean UA is also environmentally sound with impressive green biocide credentials. It is produced to the IAW EC biocide directives and meets or exceeds BS, EN, and ISO standards.


Mediclean UA is formulated for use with our Hughes Ultrasonic Atomizer range.

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