Deep cleaning treatment

Hygienic and Deep Cleaning surfaces

Hygiene Proclean offers a range of services to ensure surfaces are hygienic, clean and safe at all times.

Every year, many lives are lost due to the spread of infections in public places such as hospitals, schools, doctors’ offices, office buildings, sports clubs and spas, shopping centres, hotels and resorts, private homes and transportation.

Hygiene Proclean offers hygienic and deep cleaning services that treat exposed surfaces from floor to ceiling in a quick and cost-effective manner in order to obtain a high level of infection control.

Anti-Bacterial Cleaning

We ensure all surfaces are safe and hygienic following our treatment, and our aim is to provide infection control at all levels by deep cleaning. Our Hygiene Pro Green formula is extremely effective at killings drug-resistant bacteria and virus infection control including MRSA, Ebola, Influenza A, Norovirus and SARS.

Using a combination of chemical solutions Hygiene Proclean kills bacteria and viruses on contact. This can then be followed with a treatment of CliniCoat UA, our revolutionary self-sanitizing technology, to continue to destroy bacteria for a prolonged period of time, often years.

Surface Cleaning

It is important to ensure surfaces are clean, as they harbour large quantities of bacteria that cannot be seen. Hygiene Proclean provides a hassle free use our patent protected chemicals on floors, walls and ceilings as a preventative solution. Due to the unique nature of Hughes Atomizing technology, the very little chemical is actually used, making Hygiene Proclean a suitable solution for porous and non-porous surfaces alike including marble, ceramic, quarry tile, hard wood and vinyl.

Grease Extraction

Grease causes problems mainly within the kitchens of hospitals. Hygiene Proclean eradicates grease throughout kitchens, including inside ducts and extraction systems, which are difficult to access when using traditional cleaning alternatives A Hygiene Proclean technician can also provide accredited grease extraction services. Many insurers insist upon the use of an accredited engineer such as Hygiene Pro Clean Grease extraction systems are governed by HVCA Document, TR19 which outlines the standards required for grease extraction systems. Hygiene Proclean helps to meet these guidelines and keep you compliant.

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