Treat Builds and Surfaces


Hygiene Proclean, Treat buildings to ensure surfaces are clean, free of viruses and bacteria, and to maintain a healthy environment

Treat new Builds and Surfaces, whilst dirt and grime can be visualised, bacteria and viruses are often hidden to the naked eye.

This creates the effect of surfaces appearing clean that may have large quantities of bacteria and viruses growing on them. Even new build properties are not as hygienic as one may expect as bacteria from the initial building phases are difficult to remove. This means it is sensible to ensure new buildings are coated in a preventative solution to prevent the development of bacteria and viruses.

Hygiene Proclean NZ uses Hughes Licenced Chemicals and Patented Atomizing Technologies to provide industry-leading cleaning processes. Our chemical treatment, Clini Coat, UA is an environmentally friendly broad spectrum cleaner detergent that manages to keep surfaces clean. The chemical is used in conjunction with Hughes Ultrasonic Atomizers, which quickly and efficiently covers large surface areas to kill bacteria, remove biofilms, stains and marks, and eliminate odours. Our Atomizers and chemicals have a proven track record in a range of newer and older buildings, including hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, industrial buildings and residential homes.

Our follow-up preventative treatment of CliniCoat UA, our revolutionary self-sanitising technology, to continue to destroy bacteria for a prolonged period of time, often years.

It is important to ensure surfaces are clean and are free of viruses and bacteria not only to make a good impression but to also maintain a healthy environment.

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