Hygiene Proclean NZ Car Decontamination

Hygiene Proclean NZ Caravan Motor Vehicle Decontamination

Hygiene Proclean NZ Truck Decontamination

Transport Decontamination and Sterilisation

As an industry leader, Hygiene Proclean can manage all vehicle decontamination.

Our products and services cover all surfaces within the construction and operation of a vehicle. Our unique cleaning system allows HPC to decontaminate vehicles;

  • Meth contamination
  • Odour control
  • Infection

Transport Decontamination covers

  • Linehaul trucks
  • Cars
  • Caravans
  • Shipping containers

Hygiene Proclean provides equipment and services to complement and improve current cleaning protocols and practice for both treatment and prevention. Our products and
services cover any surface within the construction and operation of vehicles.

Our delivery techniques extend to sanitising air delivery systems and the cleaning of any biofilms within wastewater ducting or storage tanks. We will challenge the current
cleaning protocols to reduce time and cost while raising the standards of passenger
environment and journey experience.

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The only viable decontamination solution

Our treatment process chemical has been validated by a leading New Zealand Government Agency.

Environmental Protection Authority - EPA [ HSNO Approval number HSR002526 ]

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