Flood Damage

Flood Damage

Hygiene Proclean excels at treating buildings when buildings and possessions that have been devastated by disasters, such as floods.

Flood Damage often leaves mud and dirt deposits inside properties along with substantial quantities of water, and if it is not treated mould and mildew can build up.

Frequently a lot of attention is paid to the physical damage caused by floods, but significant health risks are also posed from additional quantities of rodents and by the presence of sewage water in the property.

Hygiene Proclean NZ uses the revolutionary Hughes Back Pack Atomizer alongside the CliniCoat UA and Spore Clean chemicals to spray directly on the areas affected by flood damage. The chemical is safe and can be applied to porous materials, such as fabrics, and non-porous materials, such as walls.

In addition, to this, the nature of the Hughes Atomizing technology means only a small quantity chemical is required. Our services are cost-effective, as we are able to restore the property and some of the contents inside to its previous state, whilst alternative chemicals would be unable to restore some contents effectively. The Hygiene Proclean service is also time effective as our Backpack Atomizer sprays large surface areas evenly in short periods of time.

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