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Bed Bug removal solution

Bed Bugs are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans by living in and around beds

They are either yellow, brown or red in colour and are usually around 5mm in length, so, therefore, are very difficult to notice. Bed Bugs can cause rashes, allergies and psychological effects, which is why the NHS recommends contacting professionals to treat the affected rooms. Female bed bugs lay up to 300 eggs in a life span, therefore, it is important to address any infestation at the earliest possible opportunity

How to spot Bed Bugs:

  • Black dots on the mattress
  • Bed Bug shells on your mattress
  • Blood or pillows or sheets
  • A poignant smell of rotten raspberries

The Hughes Ultrasonic Atomizers are directly sprayed onto infested areas in order to kill both the bed bugs and the eggs. Our Atomizers are used in conjunction with the patented Hygiene Pro Clean and CliniCoat UA chemicals that ARE widely used in the United States to fight against bed bug infestations. These chemicals are very effective yet is safe to humans, and do not damage property.

The sophisticated technology in the Hughes Atomizer ensures the chemical is spread evenly over a wide surface area for maximum coverage, which offers maximum reassurance that your infestation has been effectively dealt with. Our products ensure few chemicals are required, large surface areas are covered quickly.

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